Zaki as Chief Justice?

Posted: October 17, 2008 in judiciary, Kerajaan, negara
I am very sad to learn the fact that Zaki, ex-lawyer for UMNO will be appointed as the Cheif Justice after the retirement of Tun Azmi, tomorrow. The appoinment was consulted with the Conference of Rulers and unfortunately there was a general acceptance over his appoinment.

It is unimaginable to think how a lawyer can have the Cheif Justice position after just not more than 10 years being there. The history was, he was appointed to become the President Court of Appeal after almost a year in the judiciary and now he is going to be appointed as the Cheif Juctice. This is somehow, inconsistent with the supposed practice for appoinment of judges long ago, where it was done by looking at the judge’s seniority, not the seniority of positions but rather how long he have serve the bench.

Our country’s judiciary image was tainted with the controvercial appoinment to Ahmad Fairuz disclosed through the VK Linggam tribunal or royal commission. Now, again, the appoinment of Zaki have cast doubts into the independence of the judiciary and also may cause the people to loose faith on the judiciary.


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