People must have faith in the judiciary

Posted: October 16, 2008 in judiciary, Kerajaan, negara
As I was listening to a talkon judiciary, I have come with these conclusions, thisis my personal view,to believe in itis your ultimate choice.

The judiciary derived from the concept of Separation of Powers coined by a french scholar, Mostesqiu. That in a democratic country the system must be as such where the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary must be independent of one another and certainly separated. This concept imply that the legislative shall be more supreme because they have the power to make law to an extent even changing the constitution,this is good as an ideal of any democratic country, that people is the most supreme and the voice of the people is vested in the legislative body.The Executive does nothing more than to carry out its function according the wishes of the people through legislative body and the judiciary functions as such to check the operation of both, as mention before, so as to ensure that it will not transgressed the power given.

In politics,the main aims to secure power for the intended subject, beit race,religion, gender, and etc… It is unavoidable in politics, to have the usage of all pssible means to achieve its goal, be it legal or illegal, one ofthe example is corruption. In democratic country or perhaps in any country corruption is again, unavoidable, because of one simple fact, to rule the country, to get things that you wanted to do, you have to play politics – corruption will certainly be in picture.

As for the judiciary, it is different,this body is regarded as the last stronghold to protect against any unjust illegal unconstitutional practice of any subject of a nation, be it the people or the  government.

Speaking about corruption, a fact to be disclosed here is that, corruption is unavoidable even in the countries that impose death sentence to those who practice it, like China. So, themost logical question to ask here, to what extent a country is corrupted?

As for the judiciary, is the judiciary is corrupted or not? This question is significant because of the fact that this body is the last stronghold for the goodness in a country, that the judiciary is the lasy avenue of any person were to seek help legally. So,when the judiciary is corrupted, then the whole country is extremely coruupted, as simple as that.

Speaking of this country, my country, be it as it may, the judiciary is now very corrupted. Judges care more about their position and income rather than their oath to do justice and to protect the constitution. Look at the recent VK Lingam tribunal, I say that this is the most dispecable that anyone should listen happens to the judiciary. I will extremely critisize a country having that reality, since my own country have this problem, I feel very ashamed.

People are not confident of the judiciary, judiciary ensure the faith of the people towards the system. So, the best conclusions to arrive here are, the people have no faith in the system, the judiciary is corrupted and certainly this country is very corrupted.


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