Racial politics is dangerous to us!

Posted: September 23, 2008 in bangsa, DAP, kaum, Kerajaan, negara, pakatan rakyat, umno
In may writings, many times, I have stated that politics that is race based is the actual threat to the peace and security of this country.

Why so? You see, politics is about pursuing power and domination i.e. to control everything that you can and capable of having for your people’s salvation. In the process of doing this, especially in a democratic country, you will have to get the support of the majority and that is why democratic countries’ politicians have been playing with the emotion of the people, even in a developed nation.

As for Malaysia, we are a democratic country but the people of this country are made of the majority Malay Muslims, handsome numbers of Chinese and Indians, and a small number of indigenous people. This population portion reflect one thing, that is the Malays have some sort of advantage because they are more than the rest, even if the non-Malays are combined. It is understood for a long time, the Malay party called UMNO have been using this racial issue revolving around the Malay supremacy over this land that they inherit the Sultanate in the Malay peninsula.

By keeping the mindset of the Malays in such way is actually to create some defensive relationship between the Malays and the non-Malays. That is why we had this tragedy called ‘the bloody 13 May’, it was the dark days of this country back then. Now the almost similar circumstances come to exist today, after the eye-opening general election where, almost every constituency in KL is now under by the ruling of the opposition specifically the DAP and Keadilan.

UMNO leaders now are extremely desperate as people don’t value the worth of their hypocrit Malay champion anymore as these people, in the past have proved themselves to be playing the mind of the Malays for their own benefit. Still they keep on pushing people to do something stupid, they provoke the non-Malays, especially Chinese to start something so that UMNO people can put an end to it to these Chinese detriment.

It is something to be proud of that now we have people almost the majority that believe in the fact that we need to move away from racial politics, it is no longer relevant to this country, it is dangerous as proven in the past. America succeed to move away from this racial crisis by having equality, by educating their people to stop being racist. In Malaysia the government is doing the opposit, we are educating these Malays to become racist, people are moving forward but we are moving backward to our doom.

That is why it is very important for the people to stay calm and think. For the Malays, the UMNO leadership have shown signs of inclination to revisit this affirmative action called DEB as it no longer brings a substantive benefit to the Malays in business because of the fact that UMNO will loose a lot of money by giving the money and assistance to the Malays – they want to keep it for themselves.

So, in the past we have experienced racial disharmony to an extreme level, I am very sure that we do not want that to happen again. But how? Simple, don’t buy UMNO’s crap, instead buy the Pakatan Rakyat’s crap. Despite those are craps, we will certainly have a better future.

Viva la revalution…


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