stop political turmoil – the economy is not good!

Posted: September 18, 2008 in bangsa, economy, negara, United States, world
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i write now because i feel concerned on the recent developments on the us economy serious financial recession. i must say that i am not the person who is at best to describe this but i believe politics have a lot of things to do with our economy.

as it is well established around the world that two giant investor companies have been declared bankrupt recently – lehman brothers and another one which i don’t remember. it is certainly unimaginable how these two giants suddenly disappeared from being the player in the economy – this will imply one thing, that the world economy is in very bad shape with gold price increased to 30 dollar as the approach of investors to buy gold to secure their money.

in this country, the impact can also be seen, look at klce (correct me here if i am wrong) index, is going down tremendously. clear proof that economy is bad – investors will be extremely cautious about their next undertakings. the political scenario of this country is also bad, with a weak government and the effort of the opposition coalition to take over the country.

we have seen that umno, so far, have been playing the racial card – which created high racial tension in this country. the opposition coalition, despite being the victim, is too must be blame as anwar keep on palying the game of uncertainty and doubts to the mind of the people assuming that new government formation is in process without proper general election.

malaysia is number three trade partner of us and us is our number one trade partner. something bad and monsterous is happening in us – this will likely affect our economy and infact it did. with this political uncertainty – i don’t think investors have a good assumption to us.

because of these circumstances, i call upon all political bodies to stop doing anything that will likely to create imbalance in respect of our multiracial population and also attemp to create uncertainty over the who is the next federal government of this country.

god be with us!

  1. Dr.Sid says:

    UMNO is not a sole party playing with this racist thing. DAP also is part of the game play.

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