I have now retract myself officially from contending for MPP seat…

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Due to many reasons, I hereby declare that Sidek and I now no more part of the game to run for the MPP seats, indeed after this while I faced a lot of problems caused by others in opposition to our faction, in due time I will disclose all the problems that I faced during my period in attempt to fight for change in the faculty.

I hope readers will be patient, I am sure that after you read those revelations you will certainly shocked knowing what detriment that I have faced in this elections.

  1. Hubbulhaq (",) says:

    salam perjuangan…

    so,what your next move?

  2. Azuan says:

    Ironically, when I viewd ur page, this showed up..

    This Day in History
    “I Have a Dream,” Says Martin Luther King, Jr (1963)
    King was a leading figure in the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s. His “I Have a Dream” speech …

    You to had a dream.. and it seems it remains as a dream.. (sigh) Dream is good, but reality is better.. I’m frustrated with you sudden decision, but I hope you do have a solid reason for this.

    – Mahaguru Politik

  3. next move? – i dont know, i may give up everything except study and enjoy – be a typical malay student in uitm – what is the point of having the noble intention to improve the faculty, even that is viewed as bad among the administrators…

  4. in due time, i will tell what happened, i suppose u know better of why i have retracted my self – to azuan…

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