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Pak Lah: Thanks for being empathy to Malaysian public transports woes

I must say that this is the first time that I praise Pak Lah. Despite my heavy criticism on him in my numerous previous writings, still I must be fair if a person really does doing a good and honest job. You see, this trait among leaders to personally go down and feel the problem together with the rakyat is lacking nowadays.

The few opposition assemblymen from the Pakatan Rakyat should also be praised as they too show concern over the problem faced by rakyat through using the public transport. Hopefully after realising this problem, the government will take an aggresive intiatives to improve this condition for the people and for the betterment of the country.

Anwar at Permatang Pauh

Despite the fact that I cannot write about politics, I still reserve the right to make an academic comment on the social science development of the people in this country. I personally think that Anwar will win this election due to the previous election history of Permatang Pauh. When Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister, that was his seat and after he was sacked, for two terms the seat remained with his wife, see despite whatever eventualities may come upon the voters there, their support remain with Anwar and Keadilan. What make it a bigger chance for Anwar to win big this time is Anwar itself. Mahathir also predicted that Anwar will win but he said the question now is, with bigger or smaller majorities. Let us wait and see!

On sumpah issue

I think Anwar should do that because, if he say the sumpah by Saiful is against Islam as suggested by Nik Aziz, then he should carry out sumpah as according to Islam. Despite I have more support towards Anwar instead Pak Lah’s government but I must get thing straight, if you are truly not guilty, please sumpah quran, the Islamic way, furthermore, all the qazaf and investigation issue should also be carried out, as to know the absolute truth.

On the mufti, that he keep on pushing Anwar and Saiful to make sumpah, I don’t quite agree with him, not politically because Mufti is a Mufti, free yourself from politics, you talk about religion and sicial problem of society. The point that I shoud address is why this sumpah issue is not for the mufti to campur tangan – it shall be done latter.

Lee Chong Wei – Another medal for Malaysia!
Despite I was disappointed with the fact that we cannot secure gold doesn’t mean that I am disappointed with Lee, instead I am proud of him. I am just disappointed with the circumstances as all in all in favour of the China player, but seriously, if he won the gold medal, he will get the title hero of our country – proven hero, furthermore he will receive RM1,000,000 plus RM5,000 pension a month for the rest of his life, that is alot.

On the huge rewards on the athletes, I think it was right because, the argument that the people money will be wasted and it was done at the wrong time was defeated by the fact that Malaysian will have a very tough game to get gold, maybe after considering that possibility the government have decided in such a way, no one gonna get it. But as for me , Malaysian athletes should work harder and train better for us to win any sports in this world.

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