Putting an end towards racial conflict?

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
I believe that for any country to be free from any racial conflict is through having all the citizens to think as a Malaysian but not as Malays, Chinese, or Indians. This is evident in the United States of America. Long ago they had this racial conflict particularly the major clash between the blacks and the white and as time goes by, where equality were promoted and given towards the blacks, now America need not worry about racial conflict as all of the citizens are thinking as Americans not as Blacks of Whites.
As for Malaysia, we have massive population of Malays, being the majority, Chinese and Indians. We have citizens, that can be said – majority of them are thinking as Malays, Chinese and Indians, but not as Malaysians. I am very sure that all of you have come to read the term ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ as coined by the Democratic Action Party for so long and up until now. This is a very good concept and I say that this is the most accurate way to deal with the racial conflict in Malaysia.
Despite that fact, we must not forget that we also have religious conflict. Where the majority religions of the world existed in this country with massive number of followers, be it Islam, Buddism, Hinduism and Christianity. It can be traced from the independance and until now, our leaders have been playing with religious issues in order to improve their political standing. This is not a good way as supposedly, Malaysians should be taught to be moderate about their religion, in fact all religions promote this idea especially Islam. Malaysians should be taught how to respect other religions.
When conflicts arise, involving many different religion, the best approach is not by having protests or demonstration. The best way is only through discussions and talks between these conflicting parties. Leaders, political leaders I mean, should be the one who manage this kind of fanatism, they instead, should influence their supporters to be calm and try to find a solution through talks that – distinguish leaders of both religions can sit together to address their problems and work out for the solutions. The greatest mistake that we have done and continue to do is, when conflict arises, we ask our supporters to demonstrate (until to an extent, the utterance of highly unacceptable words). This does not settle our problems, but it cause the wounds to get worse and the problems are not settled. Perhaps we may see civil war in this country because of religious conflict.
If comparison were to be made between the current establishment, Barisan Nasional (being the federal government), and the ooposition, Pakatan Rakyat; the offer given by the Pakatan Rakyat will likely to improve both racial and religious conflicts in this country. Look, in Pakatan Rakyat, we have KeADILan, that made of many races, this is an added advantage as this party will certainly be a party that will and currently moderate any conflict coming from either DAP or PAS. The total candidates from all these three parties, under the name of Pakatan Rakyat, reflect the current population of races in this country. We have DAP to represent the non-bumis and we have PAS to represent the Malays and bumis. PKR will represent all as these parties are almost equal in their voice looking at their number of seats in the Parliament.

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