Why this blog?

Posted: August 17, 2008 in blog, campaign, Law Faculty, MPP, politics, UITM
I was made to know recently that candidates are not allowed to have an alliance in this election as one person told me that this point was made clear in the Akta Pelajaran 174, particularly UiTM. I must say that, I am quite shocked by this revelation as the plan was to go together as a team with Sidek to bring about changes in our law faculty.

Despite, both of us, is now no more allied, I assure you that sidek and I have the similar idea of what is best for the faculty and for the law students. Initially, we established a campaign blog for both of us, but because of this rule, we have decided to go separately. Click this link to visit the blog:


Sidek can be reached at this link:


I hope that this coming election will bring about a better future or if not, we can be the pioneer to open the door for a better future. So, keep in touch with us as there are many issues to be raised and discuss for the sake of our faculty!


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