Story of my life

Posted: August 17, 2008 in death, family, future, islam, Law Faculty, MPP, students, study, uiam, UITM, ukm, um
I am Aizuddin Sapian, born in the general hospital of Melaka. I have been schooling until I am of the age of 9, as those days were my primary school days, at many locations in Johor – Air Bemban, Ulu Choh, Tampoi, Skudai and Gelang Patah. Then my father was transferred to Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, we stayed there for around five years and then we moved to Seremban until now.

After finishing my SPM, I have secured a matriculation course in UiTM and now I am studying Bachelor of Legal Studies in UiTM, second year. I must say that during my entire life – I am not free from being tested and what, so far brought me down was the death of my grandfather, exactly during the end of Syawal of the previous raya. I have been mourning until now, but I am relieved as the pain is now reducing. For those who are willing, please, I beg you, to sedekah surah Al – Fatihah to my late grandfather, may Allah bless his soul.

Now, I have just received news of the death of my uncle. After more than a week being admitted to ICU, he is now dead. The reason – fall from rambutan tree, caused his spine to fracture and paralysed all over his body. I take this oppurtunity as well, to plead all of you to recite Al – Fatihah for my uncle, may Allah bless his soul.

Back to UiTM, I started my journey to see the world here. I must say that, I was quite religious as the purpose of taking Law is none but to see Islamic Law to be the law to govern the muslims in this country – in total. As time goes by, despite this intention remains, I have now began to see things liberally and moderately as now I have the belief, that doing things moderately will likely to avail us rather than using brute force.

Previously, I have stated my intention to run for the MPP seat for the law faculty, well right now I will provide a definite answer to that question, ‘yes’, I will go for it as I am very passionate about making things better for the law faculty. This is the simple idea of my intention of running for MPP: “The law students from UiTM have been highly regarded but what is lacking among us is our voice compared to UM, UIAM, UKM and even UUM.”

So, the people from the law faculty, I call upon all of you to support me for this coming election. I give you my solemn vow that as an MPP representative of the student, what should I do, is none but representing the student and to improve the current state of our faculty with all respect from the administrations to the students.

For A Better Future!

  1. Siddiq Azani says:

    sorry to hear about your uncle din.

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