My first demonstration

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Uncategorized
Just now I went to a demonstration by UiTM students protesting on the proposal by the current state govt of Selangor on opening 10% quota to non-bumis in UiTM. If you refer to my previous article, will will have my stand regarding this quota issue. In this post I shall describe the situation about the demonstration.
I was quite unlucky as I missed the oppurtunity to gather together with the UiTM students as I was trapped inside the SUK building area, where the gate was locked. I managed to see part of the demonstrators and I was separated 300 meters from the rest of the demonstrators inside the confinement of the building. Luckily after we received news from some people we managed to reach the Dataran Shah Alam, despite the crowd was reduced by the atmosphere was there, it feels like, I do not know how to describe – it is as such, ejaculating when you are having sex.

What was in my mind back then, that UiTM have just build a very positive perception towards the community. The people according to the sentiment of the opposition have always regard UiTM as a university that is choking with totalirianism, well, what have just happened today, is a sound evident that here in UiTM we also have our own freedom of speech. This day is a very historical day as the last time ITM had demonstration was around the year of 1974 and now, again, the students of UiTM have come out in massive number to show their concern over the fate of the bumiputras and in exercise over their right of freedom of speech as provided in Fundamental Liberty part in the Federal Constitution.

There will be more update afterwards, do expect my new posts as there are many issues to be discussed over this matter.

Proud to be a UiTM student!

  1. Hubbulhaq (",) says:

    salam din…

    wah2,1st demonstration?hahaha…bagus la ko dah dpt pengalaman walaupun tak duduk kat depan..congrats anyway.

    so,amacam dengan kempen MPP ko?ape cite dah la ni?

    demo pasal forum hina Islam taknak buat ke?

  2. Siddiq Azani says:

    din pakatan rakyat semakin hancur..pas akan keluar pr…wahahahahaha

  3. Dr.Siddiq Azani says:

    aku invite ko join chatroom bloggers kat sidebar blog aku.

    kedai kopi chatroom. create account, and copy paste chatroom ni kat blog ko.

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