Opening 10% quota for non-bumiputras in UiTM

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Uncategorized
I have receive rumors saying that the state government of Selangor, currently under PKR is proposing for opening UiTM towards the non-bumiputras. I have no confirmation over this fact but there is a high probability that this may be the truth. So, in this case let me make my stand on this particular issue.

As I have said many times to my friends that for a country to be free from racial dispute is for them to start doing things freely from the mindset on a particular race. In other words, everything must be seen by Malaysians as Malaysian not as Malay, Chinese or Indian. When all citizen thinks as Malaysian, the problem of racial dispute can be settled easily. This is evident in America.

But before we take that example, we must be aware that the rights given to the blacks, when the white was at a dominant position at almost every aspect from economy to politics. They have they upper hands, then they allow it. As for this country, the malays are certainly supreme politically but they are not the most powerful in economy. We must bear in mind that, with money almost everything can be done. If the malays were to surrender their supremacy over politics, given the fact that they are not in control of the economy, the malays will suffer because the monopoly are now at the hands of the non-malays. In Malaysia, this situation cannot happen as the Chinese and Indians are still thinking within the scope of being Chinese and Indians, they will, in fact, be bias against the malays.

So, in my point of view, the time is not there yet for the malays to surrender this supremacy towards the Chinese and Indians. Despite that fact, I still have the hope that one day this country will be free from racial issue in the future. That is why, I have been saying, for all this while that, it is a shame that malays are the minority with respect of their control over the economy. We made the most population and we are further assisted with this affirmative action, still, our state is very shameful, the malays must be ashamed of themselves. This does not mean that we have to give up these rights given in the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, instead we must do a through study and come out with a solution of how are we going to have control over the economic pie.

With respect of studying the way that we are helped, I have this believe that, when people are hungry and desperate for something they are willing to do anything even to kill or go to war. So, without actually removing these safeguards on the bumiputras, we must create an environment where the malays must suffer and be hunger a bit so that their mindset of being contented will not serve them very well, instead it will be a driving factor for them to fight for the overall betterment of the malays.

On the issue of opening UiTM, the 10% quota for non-bumis, I extremely in opposition of this proposal as the chances of the malays to get into the tertiary education have now reduced. If the proposal were to be carried out, it must be in such a way that, we have to abolish the meritocracy system and to replace it to the quota system upon all public universities all over the country including UiTM, then we can have a level field for competition where there will be a quota of 67% of bumis at every public universities. If that cannot happen, then do not at all open UiTM to the non-bumis, as they are many ways to create the environment of competition and not solely by letting the non-bumis to have this 10% quota in UiTM.

My conclusion is, yes we must have the hope for a Malaysia that is free from racial politics but the current status quo, on either side whether the bumis and non-bumis, does not permit us to completely depart from racial politics. UiTM must be defended at all cost, meaning not to be opened to the non-bumis, unless and until we have achieve the control over economy as reflected in the porpotions of the races of this country, then we can move towards removing these affirmative actions against the bumis.

Hidup Melayu, Allahuakbar!!!


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