Forum on Islam: Are we taking the right approach?

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Uncategorized
The recent call by the bar council, that it organized a forum to discuss issue pertaining to the freedom of religion in Malaysia. The discussion also involved, the non-muslims victims where their spouses have converted into Islam. But the forum was only executed for not for long yesterday as the muslim protesters were outside of the bar building, demostrating in protest of the organisation of such talks about matters pertaining to Islamic religion.

For the record, I was there, but it was quite early in the morning, where I have managed to capture a picture myself of the banner by the protesters. I have no intention to participate over the demonstration, as I was just passing by to get to UIAM for a law student program, where we were discussing over the issue of Judicial Independence.

What I am about to say may not be the view of the majority muslims in this country. As I believe that such harsh utteration of words towards the organiser of the forum is somehow unacceptable. Are we disregarding the state of affairs of the muslims at large, despite we reserved a different view, the community at large are viewing Islam as the religion that breed terrorist, a religion that incites violence, and a religion which curtail all kind of freedom that we have in a modern society.

To act violently and impolitely, we not bring any good advantage to our religion. Yes, we may won, in such a way that the forum was ended earlier than the time it should have ended but look at the damage towards the reputation of Islam at large. The assumptions, I mean wrong assumptions of the non-muslims against us becoming evident and somehow affirmed. They are now more convinced as they see for themselves, that in this country, the muslims acted violently when they was just trying to discuss issues that has been the conflict of religion in this country for so long.

From my point of view, we must realise that this world is now at a point where they are choosing of whether to accept the Islamic way of life or the culture of uncontrolled freedom of the west. Showing rage and violence, may only avail us for this time being but the support that we have to convinced the non-muslims of our tolerant nature have been massively destroyed. So, the best way to respond to these kind of stance taken by non-muslims is by the way of peace and dialogue. Instead of yelling outside of the building, we should have participated the forum by sending a well-experienced muslim to participate in the forum.

This will not only, give a high reputation towards our religion, it will also help our religion’s values to be accepted by those who oppose us before. If they are using academic debate to defeat and aspect of our religion then we must also use this academic and tolent path to respond on the question why the allegations made against Islam is wrong. Not just we will win the fight, we are also repairing the damage the our religion have suffered because of the unruly act of our religious extrimists.

I hope that many muslims will accept this, that we must show that we are at the right side, not by violence or coercion but through peaceful manner of saying things.


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