Why students should do more than just study?

Posted: July 27, 2008 in humanity, Konspirasi, Law
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The ultimate purpose of being a student is studying and in this country, the government until now have given the students huge budget allocation, as a form of investment for the future of the country – we must be proud of this. But we should also realize that, what we know and learn must be put to use, especially when it comes to the interest of many.

Politics is the social area that deals totally with the future and fate of this country. Students, I mean university students, by learning subjects that are related to these areas of law, political science, sociolagy, religion, and humanity, we somehow know what is right and wrong about things around us. Because of these valuable knowledge that we have – the responsibility is also there, I like to qoute this here, as it was stated by either einstien or newton, i dont quite remember, but he said, “…the greater evil is when the person see evil and do nothing about it…”. Based on this qoute, I think the conviction, is enough to say that students have this resposibility and any others who have the knowledge about things, should exercise them for a better world.

Students are fresh and naive, we are like babies, we learn new things from the basics, we know things fundamentally. We are also not affected by any interest, as when we are in real workforce, we may no longer express our political point of views as it will be detrimental to our career. So, because of the fact that we know things in a way that how things should be or in a right way, we are able to detect what is wrong at the first instance, through our conscience, of course. This is what makes students’ voice, is the voice where the society believe without much question, in other words to say, our words and views means a lot to the people and this can influence the people easily.

Nicolo Machiaveli stated in his book, The Prince, about “…the ends justify the means…”. I all instances, with respect to politics and social interactions, this principle has been adopted unquestionably. People always reasoned that it is to make things efficient and effective. By doing this we are actually trying to achieve a goal easily, by unfairly eliminating the circumstances that can affect our goal. But, despite we may see victory, in shortest time from usual, we are actually draining all the goodness existed in our cousciously sane mind. For example, look at what Tun Mahathir did to UMNO, as for the purpose of so called ‘effectiveness’ he appointed of those favourable to him, to eliminate the elements of objections, cronysm – in simple, but now after he resigned, UMNO is now the most corrupted party in this country, UMNO members now care more about their periuk nasi rather than the fate of the party and this country, and this is why Pak Lah still have the support from UMNO members, look at the damage in UMNO because of what Mahathir did.

By having ideologies or stand, we are actually  more than just a normal citizen, we now have the ability to think and to scrutinize everything that come across us. We are now part of the society engineer, where we can reason everything and not just accept things as how they are. Only by this way, we can free ourselves from being robots to this system that meant to regulate us and somehow we may refuse to live up to the system if we see it as benificial to some but not all.

University students should be allowed to free their thinking as we are no more primary school students and we are no more children. We can think and we are now not just to accept things as they were told when we were children. This is a sort of emancipation but one thing is certain – that the will be consequences to that freedom. For example, look at Turki, where when Kamal Attaurk, made it illegal for women to be protected by Islamic rules upon women, many – who can’t accept commit suicide, I mean the women during the early days of modernisation of Turki.

But, believe this, things that are right will just be accepted by most. So, if there are thinking that can be described as abnormal or against the majority beleifs – or should I say against the proper order of nature, there will be enough energy to combat this, ie there should be any force be imposed but only through open and reasonable justification by many in an open atmosphere and through civilised manner. One thing that must be noted here is that, if there are problems of this sort were to be solved by just ignoring them or by the imposition of force, failure and the creation of greater dissatisfaction will be unstoppable.

Talking about inner empowerment, I must say that this is the most effective weapon against the devils living in liberal and democratic society. When any practice come into hand, when the youth especially, in the position whether to follow or to reject a practice, like stop wearing tudung, the ability to reason everything unlike what the youth nowadays always follow the western influence with questioning them. This is a better way to adopt rather than any imposition of any law to regulate the social behaviour of the society. People will only be willing to follow if they choose to follow something, at least their conscience tells them that is the right things, not the other dark side of human. if law is use excessively to control society, despite the goal was good enough but because it was forced upon the society, failure resulted from objection is imminent and can be out of control.

I must conclude that we must move on, time now is no more walking but it is running fast, it is either we equip ourselves to go along these changes or we be left behind. Dato’ Seri Andullah Hj Ahmad Badawi have always stated that human capital is essential but when the government made the move, by force, to keep the people saty with the government political party, this is actually hamper the hope for better human capital development in this country.

For A Better Malaysia!

  1. Tim Ramsey says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. siddiq azani says:

    pas and umno will eventually create a masterpiece allience and solve the malay’s diversion problem of all history!

  3. hubbulhaq (",) says:

    Pas+Umno=impossible…common, berpijaklah di bumi nyata

  4. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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