Demonstration is good!

Posted: July 16, 2008 in democracy, demonstrations, Konspirasi, Law, people, politics
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The normal practice of a truly democratic country is the peresence of demonstration. Demonstration is where the people gather together in a huge volume to get extra mile for thier political goals and interests. Some may say that the opposition has been using the people for the sake of their popularity and I am not denying that.

Despite this fact, that it is used for political interest, the people who turn up to join it, have their own political interest as well as we must be wise, the politicians has always been wise and the people should too be wise by using this fenomena or should I say the normal practice of a truly democratic country to be united and to use these political motivated demonstration for the goal of getting what they want from the government.

If these demands were to be made by the opposition alone, it will never be sufficient as politic, everywhere what the opposition say is wrong in the eyes of the rivals. The government will always say that, the opposition is wrong despite the fact that most of the people have the same believe with the opposition. That is why, when huge number of people come together to support this move for change, the government will trap in choosing whether to consider as if they don’t, they will be voted out soon. Look at the case of hindraf, if there was no hindraf, the indians may not get what they have just received recently from the government after the election.

It is normal for the government to fear people making demonstrations as this will reduce their popularity among the voters and this is the reason why, the government supporters view demonstrations as pointless. A study in politicals science concluded that many demonstrations against the government is the ultimate sign of unress in the country caused by majority dissatisfaction from the government.

Don’t worry, these are signs of this country is moving to a better future!

  1. themalayhope says:

    ah kau nk jgk tak sependapat dgn aku.haha

    about hindraf, i must say that the indians was not the factor causing harmness defeat to BN in the past general election.

    MIC leaders was defeated by votes of non-indians. for instance sg.siput – mr.samy. the presence of malays as the majority group of people voted out mr.samy. Datuk G palanivel and vicky, for klang, was defeated by majority votes of chinese.

    Hindraf is just a piece of hopeless voice and was deemed to be political victim of those 5 unresponsible man.

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