Will UMNO Achieve to Secure its 2004 Victory?

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Konspirasi, Law

The recent statement made by Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi, that UMNO will regain the support as achieved in 2004, is a matter to discuss here as at this point of time, the political history of this country is at an uncertainty.

In 2004, the people, despite their support fo Mahathir have decreased because of the Anwar crisis, but regardless of that fact, people remain steadfast to show thier support to Mahathir as he is proven to lead this country to a better position. After Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi come into office as the 5th prime minister he succeded in securing the votes of the malay muslims by announcing the focus for Islam Hadhari. Abdullah, at that point of time, is viewed as being clean and in fact, many sources told me that he is clean man but now, he have termendously changed to a being, to far to be described as clean. He portrayed himself to be a Prime Minister who is fighting to combat corruption and abuse but at the end of the day, look at him now, the die-hard upholder of corruption and cronisym.

Looking at the massive loss for BN in the recent election, that BN failed to secure 2/3 majority of the parliament, I dont believe what Pak Lah said about getting back the sweep 2004 majority, I say no, because simply that BN will not gain that kind of victory anymore. People are disappointed with BN, they lied, the manipulate and most of all, their leaders are corrupted. I believe at this point of time, even, the majority of UMNO members hate Abdullah Badawi but what makes they support him because he is their President.

On the media, the mainstream media, I believe that everybody is fed-up with how they are used, everything is now for UMNO or BN purposes. You look at Utusan Malaysia, my tradition favourite paper, it is like the official voice of UMNO or Barisan Nasional. The paper prejudge everything, and being biased towards the opposition. This is not the correct way as the people who read should judge and the paper should only report what happened. Fuck Utusan!, but still I buy Utusan, can’t live without it.

I myself do not know what to think. This is my country and I love it, also willing to give my blood for it. But, our leaders humiliate us, what they did was not because of the people but because of their own political carier security. Things should be better than this, this country should achieve better, our time is growing late, we may end up in 2020 without having any accomplishment, if we, the people dont do something to kick these leaders out, take that as an acceptance by the people to accept corrupt leaders.

For A Better Malaysia!


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