Fed Govt: Stop Punishing people for voting BN out!

Posted: July 7, 2008 in bn, federal government, Konspirasi, Law, malaysian, penang, state government
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‘Explain 80% cut in federal allocation’

GEORGE TOWN: Penang’s Federal Government allocation for development has been cut by almost 80% after the 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP) mid-term review in June and the state government is demanding an explanation.

“In 2006, the state’s development allocation under the 9MP was set at RM6.152bil out of the total allocation of RM200bil, which roughly equals to 3.1%.

“After the mid-term review, the allocation has been cut by some RM4.7bil despite the 9MP’s increased total allocation to RM230bil. Currently, Penang’s allocation stands at RM1.452bil or 0.6% of the total allocation,” said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

He said the cut in allocation was aimed at punishing Penangites.

“The state is very dissatisfied and angry with the Federal Government’s acts that are no different from acts of sabotage on Penang’s economy,” he said.

I quote this from the star paper.

I have nothing to say except to express disappointment over this new development over the practice of federal and state government relationship. it is obvious that the federal government is being unfair to the rest of Malaysians that reside in the states ruled by the opposition. I must say that what Lim Guan Eng said, that the Prime Minister is a Prime Minister to all Malaysian, I something we must look at and practiced. There are two ways to do this, first is by making these government not to repeat this insident and second, is by voting out BN from being the federal government. The Malaysians must be strong enough to vote this people out, they abuse their power without regard of the impact towards the people, the country belongs to the people but not those few who rule this country. I feel sad that there are big number of Malaysians especially Malays, who have a strong principle that only BN can lead this country, this is infact a wrong perception, this will not make the government fear the people but they are getting bolder at punishing the people for excercising their rights to dictate the future of this country.

I hope the people of Penang to strong, to be steady to face this, they are suffering from the lacking of proper facilities, as a matter of fact the roads in Penang can no longer support the users, they need fund to improve the road system of this state. Furthermore, as I stated earlier any attemp to undermine the effort of its goverment will only cause a decrease in the country’s income as Penang is one of the biggest contributor income to the federal government. More should be done instead to promote Malaysia as a place for investments and what we have seen here will only hampr this hope.

For A Better Malaysia!

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