Hear what this student have to say about our MPP campaign!

Posted: July 4, 2008 in Law, Law Faculty, MPP, UITM
ika said…
After reading your blog and perusing through your manifesto, there are certain issues that I wish to comment on.

Firstly, I do respect that you are inquiring and gathering opinions from our peers and yes, I think it would be a noble thing for you to run for MPP and you will have my support. But the fact that we have to comprehend is that it would be naive of us to wish all the manifestoes to be achieved. And you will have to work extra hard and triple the efforts of those that are already dubbed as “our representatives”.

The reason to this is because we live in a contented society that has been taught to never think outside the box or expand their potential of critical thinking and voice out their opinions. Of course their are those that do possess this assertiveness, like you and me. But the majority just defeats the whole concept of a populace that should be given their own voice and to stand up for what they believe in. Our society, ie the students, either are not aware of anything, either too timid to speak, either don’t care or are just frustrated with the whole system that they do not even wish to be associated with it. I fall in the last category. So think about it. If you were the only one raging on and fighting for a cause but only a few would go the extra mile with you, do you think the list of proposals that you placed on your blog could be achieved?

Secondly we have the government, the system and the damn thing we call AUKU. I agree 100% with the fact that us students are restricted. To vividly consider that we have a campus election when our hands and feet are bound to rules that they have imposed on us is preposterous. It makes the whole concept of campus election redundant to begin with if what we are trying to pursue or voice out would in the end be decapitated by the higher level section of the organization if it was to go against them or the meticulous policies that they drafted. We must also ponder the fact that if we were to look at the bigger scale, not only are we, the students, restricted, our whole nation is. Look at Article 10 of the Constitution. Yes, we are proud of the fundamental liberties given to us and the whole existence of freedom of speech. But does our community know that there are actually 14 various items stated in that provision which in the end somewhat entirely defeats the whole purpose of that provision to exist. And most of it actually highlights the fact that we cannot go against the government. The US also gives the freedom to speak which is underlined as the First Amendment, which theoretically grants absolute freedom. However, there are also restrictions but at least their censorships are no where near being ludicrous as ours. I know for a fact that your ideas and mine and the majority of our circle of friends who actually do practice this freedom, to be “eccentric” compared to the majority of the general population of students. So technically, do you think that your message and you manifesto would actually get through to our peers and actually change their mindset?

Thirdly we have the issue of workload that you centralized. We usually have to go through so much trouble for us to get a certain event in order. We go to one part of the administration and they refer us to another and it goes on like that until our patience just evaporates. To make matters worse, sometimes after all that trouble, we cannot even attain approval. The truth that our administration ceases to admit is that they are incompetent and we are the ones who have to pay for their incompetence. To me, the whole notion of “World Class University” should be chucked aside until our support staff can get things together and proficiently perform their job well. So to me, if you do get elected, you can try “fixing” by actually including the students as you have said. This however it serves to be quite a challenge.

Finally is the concentration on meaningful events. We have Law Society and the MPP and other clubs. And yes, some of their events do comply to the objective we Law students seek. But as you said, most of it do not reflect the true nature of Law students. So of the programs that have been organized such as so called “educational trips” just do not serve a purpose. And people who go just go for a free trip and to be excused from classes. We need to organize events that will trigger passion from the students when they participate, events which highlights the nature of us Law students and contribute to the society as well. Yes, we had a Legal Aid program that was lead by SCLC but is that enough? Was the objective achieved to the point that it made a difference to the people that they met? I am no going to comment much on this.

So conclusively, it might seem as if I am the epitome of pessimism but they again, who knows, maybe Din Buncit and Siddiq would actually make a difference and bring the whole concept of student mindset and the MPP to another level. You can try and being the hardcore people that you guys are, I would be surprised if changes are made due to your actions. You have my full support and never be one of those contented, non-outspoken Law students that are running around the campus. It disgraces me with a passion. Good luck

July 4, 2008 12:01 PM

This is a comment that has been taken from my campaign blog for MPP seat this coming semester…

  1. themalayhope says:

    after reading the deliberations given by ika, i volunteer myself to have some words with the public if there are friends who wanna listen to me.

  2. how are you going to do that…

    how are we going to get enough huge number…

    and exactly when to do this…

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