America: Not in the right position to comment Malaysia!

Posted: July 4, 2008 in america, Anwar, bush, Konspirasi, war
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I have to make this clear, despite the fact that I am supporting Anwar on the fact that he is innocent about the recent sodomy allegations, I am still in opposition over the statement made by the American government.

American has been world’s number 1, human rights violators, look at many countries and milions of lives that was killed by this, self-declared great nation. The Vietnam War, Gulf War, Invation against Afganistan and Iraq, was clear enough to depict that America, if it is human, deserves the worse level of hell ever created by God.

Looking what they did and practiced towards other weak nations for their own interest, America have made itself not in capacity to talk abaut human rights, order of law, democrasy, and humanity. Despite what they have stated, in commenting this country, is in line with my view, their statement must be rejected and no heed should be given to these statement because simply it was made by the American government.

To hell America!!!

btw: I know that many Americans out there reading this, please understand, your leadership that you have been supporting for so long, is doing massacre towards the rest of the people of this world, so, do not blame me for making this remark to your country!

  1. themalayhope says:

    america delacred itself as the police of the world – keeping the world occupant safe every minutes they enjoyed.

    what the hell?!hahahaha

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