I am sick and tired of our leaders!

Posted: July 4, 2008 in Anwar, Konspirasi, Law, Sodomy
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I am sick and tired of this political controversy, come on for days we have been dealing with this matter, the media has been putting the same headline everyday. The world is observing us on this issue, the stock market has been tremendously disturbed and the international community is looking down on us. Despite the fact that I’m with Anwar this time around, I still feel irritated at the way of things going on with this country.

Anwar has indeed involved with the sodomy case before, despite at the appeal level he was proven not guilty, the judges, nevertheless, said in their judgment:

Masih ramai yang percaya bahawa Mahkamah Rayuan (Appeals Court) terakhir telah menolak tuduhan bahawa Anwar telah liwat Azizan dan dengan kerana itu mendapati Anwar tidak bersalah dan boleh dibebaskan.

”…Saya ingin perturunkan disini keputusan dua daripada tiga hakim yang mendengar rayuan Anwar. “Tun Jebat” pada 1hb Julai telah catatkan keputusan ini juga. Keputusan ini berbunyi;

“Even though reading the appeal record, we find EVIDENCE TO CONFIRM that the appellants (Anwar dan Sukma) were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved that the alleged offences as stated in the charge, beyond reasonable doubt”.

Yang jelas daripada apa yang di sebut di atas ialah hakim-hakim ini mendapati ada cukup bukti yang mengesahkan Anwar dan Sukma terlibat dalam kegiatan homoseks dalam apa yang dikatakan berlaku di Tivoli Villa, memang berlaku. Tetapi kedua-dua hakim ini mengguna selok-belok undang-undang untuk mendapati Anwar tidak bersalah…”

So, the court themselves stated that Anwar did engage with this homosexual relationship with Sukma, it is clear that Anwar had this act called sodomy. Earlier, in one of my post, I contended that Anwar was not guilty but let us be reminded that Anwar did this thing but what made him not guilty is because the admissibility of the statements of the particular witness was not acceptable.

There was a case, I don’t have the citation as I malas nak cari, where the case was handled by Karpal Singh, where it involve a man charged with trafficking heroin.

The police found the drug at the back of the car and they tested only a package from it, which I think that single package was no

t capable to get t

hose men convicted under section 39B of the dangerous drugs act. The court drop the charges against them. Can you see here, there was a huge amount of heroin, but when the doubt was created, despite it is capable to the truth, these people were eventually released.

The same situation here, the material evidence, shows that Anwar did have that seks luar tabii, but the statement alleging his presence was not accepted, that’s it. Anwar is indeed homosexual. I do not want a homosexual to lead this country.

But what made I supported Anwar until now and please, note the fact I will continue to support him is because his plan for this country. The changes that he was trying to push for this country is very necessary.

Barisan Nasional now, cannot be relied on anymore. Despite we have Rais Yatim and Muhyidin Yassin, which to me these are the people that Mahathir should have selected to replace him in the first place, the UMNO leadership is now controlled by these two minions that will be Abdullah Badawi and Najib. Both of these people is the actual disease in UMNO. If I am capable of voting during the last general election, I will vote other parties instead of BN because of these people and when a new UMNO leader takes the seat of UMNO presidency, I may vote for UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

So, I do not know, as I am a Malaysian who can do nothing about this thing and I am very sure that this will not end – the next probable story is somehow unpredictable but I’m hopeful Anwar should take the Prime Minister seat by this year. This country needs more than the security of certain races claiming to be the original inhabitants of this country, this country need to change, the whole system cannot be trusted and I am very tired of this!

I do not know what will happen next, muak dah!!!

  1. Dr.Siddiq Azani says:

    u tired.so do we. our politics has become worser and its going to be more after this.

    first we should ask ourselves, are we going to shut our mouth up and let this hole thing continue?

    second, what are we going to do?boycott the election? – that are not very smart move.

    so what are we going to do??

    do u have any solution or any suggestion here din?

  2. sidek, serius, aku dah muak, malas dah nak dengar pasal Anwar nih, Abdullah Badawi and Najib pun sama saja, semua tak boleh pakai…

    ko tanya cadangan, mane ade cadangan, well, for now, Abdullah and Najib should step down, Muhyidin or Rais should lead, bring us out of this misery, I just cant face with it any longer…

    Muhyidin now must change from becoming a stateman to a politician as how Nicolo Machiaveli describe, there is no other way…

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