Now, I have stronger faith on Anwar…

Posted: July 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have been strolling few blogs this morning about Anwar and this blog seems to give me a ray of hope that Anwar may be innocent. Among others, he stated in his blog:

As we all know in Malaysia’s politics, the rumors we hear are more credible than what is officially reported in the papers.

I think this person have a strong point, I myself don’t have faith in our mainstream media today, there are, like many of my commenters said, “bullshit”.

On Anwar’s sodomy allegation, as this one is new to me, about Ezam’s involvement, he did not cite any source but for the sake of romours, let me put it here:

…that it was Ezam who brought Saiful Bukhari to see Najib Tun Razak.

On the part of UMNO, he said:

It’s also reported to me that 80% of UMNO leaders disagree with this particular move. They think it’s stupid and it has been a failure the first time around. Many of UMNO leaders stil cannot forget the bitterness of having to faced the Malay people the first time ANwar got accused of sodomy.

For the Malays, there was a poll conducted, it was not cited where, this is the finding:

Apparently, UMNO has learnt that only about 6% of Malays believes Anwar is guilty of sodomizing Saiful Bukhari. Which means that only UMNO die hards and hardcores buys this “crap”.

On the assasinations attempt against Anwar, this is what he said but of course, no citation. But he assume that it will be the last resort for UMNO:

And yes, the rumor about Anwar being a target of assasination is also credible.

This is instead, the story on behalf of Saiful, at least this is an assumtion of his state of mind:

Saiful, felt that he’s being used by Anwar and feeling like he has been made a fool out of, decided to act in this way. He wants to prove to Anwar that he is not that easy to be duped.

Apparently, Saiful has been scolded for feeding bad intel to UMNO. So, he has to redeem himself in this way.

Earlier, I have posted about the whereabouts of Anwar inline with the allegations, but this statement give me another view. If the combination of this statement made with Anwar’s statement after he leave the Turkey Embassy, about UMNO trying to stop him from announcing the four BN MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat, we may believe that Anwar should not be guilty as he was doing something else, check this:

At the location and time that Saiful Bukhari mentions in his police report, Anwar was really there. But he was in a meeting with 4 BN MPs and the nature of the meeting is secret. And, the meeting was not even logged in Anwar’s diary because of it’s secrecy but Saiful got to know about it. So Saiful is taking a chance since he knows Anwar will not expose his meeting with the BN MPs.

This is the technicality of the physical being of Saiful and Anwar, how could Anwar have done that? Check:

I had a look at Saiful’s various pictures, and we all know that Anwar Ibrahim is :

1. Old
2. Had an operation done on his spine
3. As a result, not able to be as physical as his age would permit
4. I don’t think Anwar’s physical condition allows him to play golf.
5. I think Anwar Ibrahim is as tall as Mostafa Mohammad, like in the picture.

So, my question is: How can a 23 year Saiful Bukhari, healthy and strong, can allow himself t be sodomized by an old man, who had once undergone a spine operation and unable to exert himself physically as anyone of his age?

So, this is my new assumuption, it changes through discovery of new theories, rumors or should I say the intrepretation of statements based on facts and circumstances?

The statements from this blog, read this blog further to get the idea behind this controversial issue:

  1. siddiq azani says:

    well the age factor cannot be taken into account here.
    a 80 year old atuk still can rape his own grands.

    secondly, anwar might has recovered from his spinnard pain. haha.

    thirdly, saiful might has been “sodomised” first by money, before he was then eventually been sodomised. haha.

    btw i just giving an opinion. please dont sue me anwar. haha.

    for a better law faculty!

  2. dinbuncit says:

    well, on the age, elements of contentious suppretions may exist upon the grand daughter, as look at the grand father, she left of no option but to surrender…

  3. azrulisme says:

    bkn saiful tu yg rela ker..? hahaha..

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