Malaysia: Choosing the lesser between two evils is our only chance

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

I dont remember the person who said the quote as in this topic but I am sure that many who read this will know this quote…

In the past, Malaysia was once a very good country, Malaysia was once a clean country from corrupt practices (if not, the extent was not too serious as what we have now), and Malaysia was once a baby from the colonial British who was so pure and clean. During the reign of Dato’ Onn, Tunku Abdul Rahman, and Tun Abdul razak, Malaysia: I can say to be in good shape: with respect to politics and the respect for law.

I have red a book, called “Bukan Kerana Nama”, story about Tun Dr. Ismail, when at that time the government left of no choice but to declare emergency. In a meeting before emergency was declared where Tun Dr. Ismail was the home minister that time, he warned the rest of those in the meeting including Tun Abdul Razak: not to allow emergency to be executed forever and not to allow the constitution to be suspended forever, and if any of you have that idea, I will shoot you.

This was a sound remark made by one of our unsung political hero during time of this country being under great turmoil from racial riot. The respect was so high, even to an extent to kill partners who dont pay respect to constitution. In other words to say, the sacrifice of blood to defend it. Another example was portrayed within UMNO, I dont remember much of the details but I do know the fact that one of the key person in UMNO was pursuing to contend for UMNO party seat, despite the fact that he did later than the person who was the first to contend it, the person who was suppose to be at the right position to contend, withdraw and ask, through phone call, giving his support to the former key person.

These are the sacrifices and values that what I was trying to speak of, and now after Tun Dr. secure the seat for prime minister, he was the one who exercise this rampant abuse of power to accomplish his end. I know and believe that Tun did at those hedious acts because of the fact that he love UMNO and Malay so much, he do not want the future of our race to end, but he disregard the greater effect of him doing such things, look at UMNO now, where is democracy? Come on, you look at UMNO, will you have a feeling that despite the goal was righteous, that is for the malays, still you will have no confidence that it will be clean. The common idea now is, in politics, dirty things, is normal.

This sort of thinking is a plague, this sort of mind will create a race that will do no other but back-stabbing his friend to get his way across. This type of mind is not within the malays in general, as you know, but also among our leaders, this is strong in their mind. What is important is the personal end not to the entire people. I have red one book about Tun Dr. Mahathir, well I have to say that the writer was pro Mahathir, he wrote that Mahathir treat everything on his way when he was the prime minister as if he is a doctor, as a tumor must be removed. Plainly, we may think that this is a good approach but who will decide that something is a tumor? and when a person assume that something is a tumor, do others think of the same? or even a good thing created as a medicine be regarded as tumor?

This is what happen during the 80’s, Mahathir removed the power of judicial review of the courts, well, in other words to say, to him this is a tumor. Because of his rampant abuse, we may have efficiency, in some respect to develop the country but we are at the same time draining the chilvarious values within our people. We, for a long time teach our people to think that goal is the justification of our acts, regardless of the fact that it is sinful. I give you an analogy, when I was at the end of my secondary school, I have a great desire to unite all the muslims in this world, great intention, isn’t it? But what is wrong when I had in mind to bomb the Kaabah and accuse the western of doing it, by this way, I thought the muslim will unite as one.

This analogy is certainly to severe to reflect our thinking, but the truth is, this is the thinking we have and ready to allow it. Look at Malaysia now, between these two giant factions, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat, what are looking at, the manifesto by both, go to hell, the answers is no, what we have in mind, who’s behind it who did it, was there any political conspiracy on the part of Anwar or Najib? This what is in the mind of most of our people now, we are left to choose from none but the lesser between two evils.

For A Bettter Malaysia!

  1. themalayhope says:

    correct we have to choose the less evil than the other. even Prophet Muhhammed quoted that.

    but we can only see the evilness of one person only before he is elected.

    what if he after holding the throne become more evil than we thought presently?

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