Response: Should I contend for MPP seat?

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
Previously, those who have been the frequent visitor of my blog must have notice that I asked for the readers view especially law student of ‘Whether I sshould be MPP?’:
Well, 83% of those who voted says yes, while the other 17% says no. Based on this poll – I do have the thinking that I should run for the seat. For your information, I started having the feeling of contending for the seat in response to the fuel price hike, announced by the government recently. It is not only from the fuel hike, but many other factors leading to my desire to take this fight to another level.

What I had in mind: to run for the seat was that government have threatened us (students in Malaysia) like children like as if they have no idea of what is going on with this country. We can see that we have AUKU, where the students are restricted from joining any public association or voicing their views on our political development. As a result, the programs that can be organized in our local university is very limited, real and contentious issues regarding our country especially of those related with the consitution and good governance cannot be organized.

The second reason, is because of the available students association in UiTM law faculty, they have done a great job by organizing activities, thanks to law society and the Secretariat for MPP. But what they have organized is not enough as it does not reflect the true role of a law student. The kind of event that we should have must have a close relation with the development of the law in this country and the disscussion must reflect our concern about the future of this country, yet these programs are not organized.

The third major reason is that, UiTM itself, in my first reason I stated a little bit about AUKU, but here it is about the campus election. For your information, this campus election was created for the sole purpose of to give the picture of how a real election would be, but the way that it is practiced in UiTM does not reflect the true reality. One of the main reason is that, we are not allowed to have more than a party in UiTM, and the move to eshtablish one has always met with the authoritarian measures from university, the motion to establish has never been successful.

The other point to make here is the current performance of UiTM MPP, they indeen fought for the students, but when our request through them was denied by the university, the current MPP, mostly ceased from keep on pushing for the demand. As the representative of the strudents, they should be the one who must fight, perhaps: to the end, for the students but they retreat and comply with the wishes of the university – which is most of the time, bring to much trouble for students.

So, I must say that, I do need feedback on what is needed by the students at large, you can do so by visiting our campaign site or blog, at:

Do give us your feedback, we will surely address these matters, once we are elected to become your representative.


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