What is Wrong with Our Flag!?

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
It is very obvious for us to notice that our flag have a very close similarity with the American Flag. Personally, I do not like this similarity but not just from the flag somehow with respect to problem of having multiracial country – this is the biggest similarity.

Most people come with the idea that by embrace diversity we can overcome this major problems. Well, I believe with this theory, as the result is now clear in America as the were once trouble by immigrants or should I say the black. Now, after they embrace it, after they show respect to other races, they have began and slowly moving out of that problem.

For us in Malaysia, we should do the same, I have seen positive thinking about embracing diversity but the number of people in this country that believe that non-Malay should be kicked out of this country is still high, I will not say that it is majority suffice to say that it is at a significant number enough to do damage in time of crisis.

But we have another problem, that is religions, we have mixture of various major religions in this world, ranging from Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and etc… This is quite a challenge, a I must say that religious tolerance is something difficult for some. For Muslims, I say that, if we were to look at the Prophet (peace be upon him) practice when he face the non-muslims, he embrace them as long as that act of them does not go against the religion.

For non-Muslim, I do not have the capacity to advise with respect to your religion, all I can say is that, it is a universal religious teaching of to do good to others, if we are to stick to this value, I see no trouble living with neighbors of different religion.

Back to the flag, I can say that I don’t like the fact that it is almost similar to the American flag but that shall not mean that I don’t love my country, as I am willing to give my blood to defend this land!


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