Kill or Be Killed!

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
The recent issue involving a police report made against Anwar on sodomy is indeed an important issue to be discussed. I do not want to say that Anwar is right neither I want to say the report made against him is right. The reason is, well, it has not been proven yet, as investigation is now being carried out by the police. What we have now is the statement from the report maker and denial statement made by Anwar.

I think this issue best be viewed in a political strategy context. What we see, during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s reign, he blackmailed Anwar, as an allegation regarding Sodomy aside from many other allegations. At the end of the day, upon appeal Anwar was found not guilty, even if the die-hard supporter of UMNO and Mahathir chooses not to believe this, maybe they should consider the recent Mahathir’s statement in a video in youtube. He stated, while addressing his audience that, ‘Anwar tak salah, tak buat apa2 pun, saya tangkap dia, letak dalam penjara’ then later when asked to comment on his statement, Mahathir twisted but the fact remains the same, that, ‘…bukan saya tangkap dia, polis yang tangkap dia’, I think we do need a linguistic expert to interprete this.

Judging from the past, these type of political game is somehow a normal issue in this country, and personally, I’m not shocked learning about the report, nevertheless this remains to be an assumption based on facts and history – we never know may be this time, it’s for real – God Bless Anwar…

Check this out, for the video:

p/s: kalaulah gandingan dua orang ini masih wujud – Malaysia will be a better country!

For A Better Malaysia…

  1. Letting the time pass me by says:

    Memang sepatutnya we can see a better tommorrow…

    Tapi semua orang tahu why there is a crisis… some people are just in a hurry, and cannot wait for their turn…

  2. Aizuddin Sapian says:

    betul, if anwar boleh sabar sikit – the country can have more now…

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