On the rewards to our olympic athletes…

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
I think that is not a right decision given the fact that we are facing distress due to the high living cost. Well, the blame must go to the government for not be able to control the oil price in our country. As for the reward, it is too high and astronomical. I have long respected Dr Jegathesen, as he once stated that our athletes are now fight for money and not the country, but later he supported this move, where does his stand lies here? Pening kepala aku…

See, despite that we have bigger chances of not getting any gold medal, but I’m hopeful that we secure all gold medals but it is just very far from our capability, the government will have to made the allocation as they promise to make such rewards, when allocation is made there are certain amount of money and the nest way now is to denounce this award by reducing it or by replacing it to award given by rulers which is more heroic, the money should be directly be given to the charitable organizations – only by this way, the unlucky Malaysians will pull a smile for their present and future.

It is important to address our priority!

  1. x123 says:

    saya x stuju!

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