My Respons to A Friendster Group Discussion

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
This was my response to one of the topics posted by Paan in my frienster group, check this out:

As the question was, “If Anwar become PM: Will There Be A Better Malaysia?”

The following was my comments:

i would say a definite ‘yes’, here are the reasons:

1 – Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat need the vote of the general public or their confidence, we don’t have to worry about, what he is up to because what he is up to is to secure the vote from the people in case he succeed in forming the government.

2 – Because of the need to maintain or secure more vote, more will be given to the people, to the extent that they can give lah, given the fact that there are so many limitations and drawbacks caused by the uncertain world economy – oil, food & etc…

3 – They will try their best to avoid mistakes, this in turn gives us a better government or should i say, a better Malaysia, our country will change to become a more prosper country with the efficiency of wealth distribution and of course the atmosphere of democracy will best reflected in this government, at least at the early period of this government…

4 – when the Pakatan Rakyat perform badly or begin to show signs of decrease in respect for contribution to the people we can always cote BN again, by this way, this country will be a better country, I have no doubt about that…

So, what say you?


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