We Must Reconsider – On Move To Push Pak Lah To Step Down

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
I have no intention to draw any conclusions for the time being as the declaration made by Raja Petra in his sedition charge – remain to be a statement capable only to an extent of a statement not scrutinized nor proven.

By I have a great concern over this matter as you can see that I always push for Pak Lah to step down, maybe due to this new disclosure – somehow we are now trapped to choose betwwen two evils – as always the best thing to do is to choose the less evil between those two. Yes Pak Lah may be weak but must we allow a person as was alledged by RPK in his satutory declaration to become the prime minister – my answer is certainly, no. Regardless of this fact we must always note that this statement is not proven as it was only stated.

I am now eyeing on Muhyidin Yassin or Rais Yatim, that if they made it to the post that they can automatically be selected as Prime Minister but reality seems to say that, this is somehow, impossible. As the UMNO members are bound by the doctrine of supporting the president regardless of all cost but what is certain here is that only the UMNO members can do something about it in thier general meeting which is going to be held soon.

If the allegations made by RPK proven to be the truth, how will they solve this issue, what will be the possible extraordinary measures that will be taken by UMNO leaders or should I be specifically say “leader and his deputy”?

I can’t think of any possible action for them to ensure their survival – maybe you know more. So, do leave your comment on this. We are in danger, but careful plan is now executed to stir any dangerous threat to these people – you know who am I referring to…

  1. Siddiq Azani says:

    wooo….if the SD made by RPK proven to be a genuine one, i must say – this country is entering its hardest part of history ever happen before!

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