Posted: June 21, 2008 in Uncategorized
I have to congratulate Yong Teck Lee for his bravery against the Peime Minister as this trait is almost dead among BN members now. He stated that the government has not been doing well neither to Sabah nor to Malaysia. On this part I do agree with him.

On Sabah, when BN was strong, Sabah was ignored, Sarawak too, but now when they are weak as they lost the 2/3 majority of parliamentary seats, BN have been seen to be careful towards every actions that they are taking. To me, it is quite a shame that Sabah receive a huge amount of money from the federal government, for the purpose of its developments and to cater the problem of illegal immigrants. You see that Sabah can now get the attention from BN when BN is not strong anymore – this exactly shows that Sabah is somehow an anak tiri to the government – but in certain circumstances, like now, when they are needed by the BN government, then just now they are being given what they have just being given by the BN government. Sabah now, is like a gold, even shining brightier than gold. Looking at the political practice in Sabah – we can say that it is more developed in Malaysia – at this state, there has been vote of no confidence voted against the Chief Minister of Sabah, the Yang di-Pertua Negeri also sacked one of the Chief Minister – I wonder if this things can happen in the federal House of Parliament.

On SAPP, indeed the BN government has been very careful – they know the fact that their numbers of MPs in parliament only at a slight difference with the People’s Alliance – to sack this party BN, is not a choice to consider despite BN, in the past, if anything threatening their hold of power will certainly be subject to a harsh end – even being rejected from BN. I have red a blog yesterday but I have forgotten the url, PAS was once with BN, when PAS was taking the oppurtunity to expand by asserting their influence to certain areas – they were sacked from BN, now what Yong Teck Lee did was certainly worse campared to PAS but they are not sacked – I believe that this is an absolute authority of saying that BN is very fragile now – I have to say that Pak Lah is wise by playing with the situasions even everybody knows that BN has no other options.

Looking at this scenario, I just wan’t to offer an advise to all Malaysian who are eligible to vote – as I myself unable to vote due to my age, masih kecil lagi – we must free ourselves from beleiving that we are secure by just one party, like the members of UMNO only believe that only UMNO will help the Malays – instead they must be free to decide, as according to the need of this nation. If in the past BN has been doing a very great job for Malaysia but not anymore recently, then the people must reject them from being the government. Only by this way we will have a better government who truly listens to the general voice of the people and a government who fear the people.

I love to include this quote, from a caracter in a movie, V for Vendetta, that: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government, government should be afraid to the people”.

As always, For A Better Malaysia!

  1. Siddiq Azani says:

    amacam pendedahan terbaru pasal RPK pnye statutory declaration?
    gile sial…

    takan rpk nak menipu…dia tau kot apa consequences kalau dia tipu…

    i do trust him…

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