My Response – To Several Comments Made by Readers

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
Before I proceed, let me just state that I have no intention no offend anyone in this post – keep on commenting as you people does – but I have to make a stand.

Saya fikir – tentang politik – yes, it is true that there are enormous corrupt practices by our politicians in this country, which should be also be included in my posts but I choose not to talk about it as you can see I keep on writing about the rigteousness of our politicians actions and the notions of good politics. This is because, I try my best not to talk about this as I believe that we need to speak about the respect for law, the respect for the notions such as positive democrasy, good governance and et cetera…

You see, young people nowadays are densely fed with the negative politic practices, of those I can name, the issue behind SCOMI, The Return of Royalty to Terengganu, Anwar and Mahathir – better not mention about these political gossips. We now think about nothing, only those, that politics are dirty and those are in it, should also be dirty – this thinking, to me is wrong, even among my friends, there none who believe the good of politics in this country.

These are bad as these people will be our leaders nowadays, to speak about these gossip, is somehow to ractify it and to accent it to be part of the thinking of the young people these days, as you can always see the outcome, when they engaged in politics someday in the life – they too might resort to this corrupt practices. I don’t think that this is something good.

To give some example, most may think that this post or my stand not to publish any political gossip because I wan’t to avoid being sued or somehow rejected when I wan’t to engaged in real life politics – I mean join any political parties. Only some will agree and accept the fact that I am fighting to a better politics in Malaysia, as simple as this – the same can be implied from real politic gossips -As I said earlier – This is not what we wan’t in our future leaders.

I received a call this morning asking me to write something real that might include political gossip, I said to him, yes but he ask me to achieve the level of Raja Petra and I said no, this doesn’t mean that Raja Petra is wrong – it is just, I don’t want to write about these poltical gossips.

Conclusion – let us fight for a more clean politics in Malaysia, despite the real situation says otherwise – but does this hamper our hope for a better politics and of course, for a better Malaysia?

I leave such judgements to you…

  1. Hubbulhaq (",) says:

    hidup Din! heheh.

    i’m totally agree with u din.

    but truth is truth, everybody wants 4 a better malaysia. all of us is fighting 4 a better future and we all believe in politic,a clean politic.

    to shine a pearl, sweep away the dust first.

  2. Anonymous says:

    who is this din guy??? HIS BLOG IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. VENDATOR says:

    wah, anonymous – i don’t quite understand – this blog is bullshit, may be you can specify which part is bullshit, then i can try to make it as no more a bullshit – thanks…

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