Thank You Abdullah – For Returning Oil Royalty to Terengganu!

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

I would live to congratulate the federal goverment for their recent development particularly on returning the 5% oil royalty to Terengganu – this is a sound move as it will somehow provide a substancial financial security to this state goverment. It was said that, Terengganu received 10% oil royalty before and that 10% oil royalty consists of 90% of the overall budget for the administration of state of Terengganu – I’m still hopeful they the federal goverment will increase the oil royalty to 10% as it was before.

About the decision to cancel the royalty to Terengganu when PAS was the state government, I’m personally object that action as it somehow denied the will of the people power to choose the government. Furthermore, the money that was supposed to be given to the state of Terengganu when it was under PAS, was given to the special organization that consists only from UMNO and Barisan, this is hedious as the money was supposed to be given to the state government to carry out the development – when they were denied royalty and the money for the development of Terengganu – nothing can be done at that time by the state government to the people, this affects the ability of the said government to carry on with development to Terengganu – Of course, I see it as a violation of the relationship between the federal government and the state government.

As for the new, ruler selected Chief Minister, Ahmad Said, I would like to congratulate him for pushing for the royalty return, the ruler was righteous to select him, if Idris Jusoh was selected – I think there will be no hope for Terengganu to have the royalty as what they are just being given now.

The hedious action of the federal goverment to refrain on giving oil royalty to Terengganu must be solely attributed to Tun Dr. Mahathir – despite my respect to him as my idol – I am still extremely in opposition of such acts, including few others tragedies that occurs during his administrations – I think Tun Mahathir should be subjected judicial consequences as to give examples to our future leaders to not repeat what has been done by Tun.

For me, I can separate my love for a person and the duty to enforce the law!


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