My Confession to Prof. Shad Saleem Farouqi!

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

When I was in the first semester of my Bachelor of Legal Studies here in UiTM Shah Alam, I have made a rather shocking confession to him as was then my lecturer for Constitutional Law. I think it is necessary for me to describe few occasions of my encounter with him before I was admitted into UiTM.

When I finished my study at my SMK Rantau, i followed closely the developments of politic in our country, I must say that I don’t even have the intention to do law, in fact at that moment I have decided to further my study in the area of Real Estate Management. Soon after that, there was an uproar in Malaysian law on the issue of Islam particularly on Lina Joy’s case, I was distrupted and somehow part of those who holds an extreme view of the issue.

Having said that, I know that I must do law to somehow change the system that we have in Malaysia and somehow make it in total compliance with Islamic law, I know this may sound way to far but, regardless of my action that is getting slow to fight for this, I must say that I have that intention as this is the sole reason of me doing law now.

As was then, I started to look for this issue whatever source I can get and I came across a new depicting Shad to be part of the Article 11 group that basically seeking to favour Lina Joy on the issue of freedom of religion in our country. As in that time I, despite I have not told anybody about this, think Shad is already murtad. That sort of thinking somehow affect my stance and reaction on him, this is evident during one of the National Student Colloqium in UIAM, on this issue, where Shad was invited to be one of the panel in the discussion.

That time, I even have the feel to somehow persuade others to kill him but I still try to control myself and soon after hearing what he said during the forum I begin to accept his conclusion as he was backing his conviction with the practice of the prophet. I begin to restrain myself as I think this man have some sort of rightful intention over what he did on this issue.

The second occasion, which I confronted Shad, despite having a lot of classes with him before, I took some time after the class to make this confession, that I once view him as murtad, right in front of his face, from his reaction, I can see the disappointment but he ceased to act with emotion as he is Shad. Then I explained to him of this matter and somehow ask him, why does he join these movements. He replied that Islam in Malaysia is somehow not in good shape as we pick and choose what to apply and what not, he also stated that if we want Islam we should apply it to the fullest!

Hearing this point, I began to destroy all my negative thoughts on him as I believe that he is somehow more Islamic with respect to the tolerance that he show towards the issue that conflicts with Islam. Now, I don’t have any hatred to him and furthermore I respected him as he is the best teacher I had in my entire life. In all oppurtunity I try my best not to miss his class as to not miss what he has to say about our current development in Malaysian Constitutional law.

Before I end this, I should say that I have no intention to offend anybody, as this writing is solely to reflect my sincerity over a good lesson in my life… As I am now more careful at judging other people…

  1. nawa says:

    WooWW!!very daring lorrr.. Hey Prof Shad best la.he’s so intelligent and i’m feeling that he had good reason on giving out his point!!take this lesson la,don’t simply jump into conclusion with a small facts that u have..

  2. Siddiq Azani says:

    woo…ni kne bg shad baca dowh…hahaha

    on party hoping! my friend i must say that party hoping is immoral. we could not scrutinize the hearts of the voters on whether they are voting for the candidates or because of the party. if they are voting because of the party, and their reps then hops to other party, thats a cheat, man. u re cheating the constituencies. i ll agree if the reps who wanted to hops, come down and convey a survey in his area, hears whats the needs of the grassroots, and if they (the rakyat) agree, then he can hops without fear.

    kalau tak melekat ini peluru kat kepala reps tu!!hahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Saudara Teddy says:

    daring ke? ye ke? wahahaha… tu la ko din. ha.. aku dh agak dh. ko la orgnye upenye. ahahaha… ko gi kasi dia baca aa. sure leleh dowh.. terharu dgn ko.

  4. VENDATOR says:

    huh tak berani, nak jugak, tgklah, nanti nak grad aku buat!

  5. Anonymous says:

    bagusla kalo ko dh sedar bahawa shad tu lebih supreme dr yang ko sangka…

  6. Din Buncit says:

    aku takdelah fikir yang die tu supreme coz dah lama aku anggap dia begitu – i do not fear supremacy – if i feel what i do is right then i just do it – as for shad i thought it was right for me to made that assumption but later i realise that he is not wrong then this time, in which dah lama pun i think i should tell him what it is all about – i did it – no fear to anybody supremacy!

  7. nawa says:

    xpayah la bg shad bace,die byk lagi keje lain!! tulisan ni lebih lame terkenang2 tau.. kalau ko nk bg bace p ubah2 skit tulisan,biar mengkritik secara halau!! org tua lbh sensitif dowh..

  8. Nawa says:

    *mengkritik secara halus & matang!

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