Please – For The Sake of Malaysia!

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I call upon the factions of Malaysian politics to stop any act to undermine disturb or chase away the investors as we must never forget that these investors are very important to our economy. Given the fact that the cost of operation in Malaysia is increasing, and still the interest displayed by the investors in Korea and many other countries about operating their business here, I think, we together should embrace them instead of chasing them away for our political interest.

From what I see, US is currently the largest exports of Malaysia going to and somehow the largest in term of investment source to our country, from here I see the need of seceding our country riliance on US as the economy is failing. We damn need these investors from the east as of the former reason. the actions of certain political party of not protecting the confidentiality of the names of these interested parties will do no good to us.

Even, they (UMNO Pulau Piang) call for the goverment to restrain from continuing the project of the second brigde, will be another factor that somehow can affect the investors influence. Taking Terengganu as a lesson, where when it was under PAS rule, the federal government stop giving subsidies and giving was ehsan not to the state government will only deprive the effectiveness of management in the state and had caused a serious impact on the livelihood of the people.

So, i plead, please, go on, play with politics but we must still unite for Malaysia!


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