On Party Hopping

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Personally, I don’t think 30 MPs of Barisan will join the opposition in support for Anwar’s bid to become the PM, this year as the number is too great and somehow, I believe few will hop but not 30. On the issue that party hopping is immoral, I don’t quite agree, yes of course people will say that it is against the notion of the representaion of the people as the people have chosen the Barisan Nasional as their government but if the situation is that the current goverment is doing no good for the country, I think the MPs have a big role to decide what is best for the people, meaning taking the interest of the nation and the people in general, party hopping is morally acceptible and necessary.

As for me, despite my heavy criticism on the current government, I still hope that Barisan will remain to be the federal government but without 2/3 majority as this will prevent them from abusing the process of law so rampantly without giving any respect to the constitution as happened during The Great Tun Dr. Mahathir’s reign. To me the current proportion of the parliament is the best for a democratic country like Malaysia where I can see that the people are equally represented.

As for BN, Pak Lah please step down I love UMNO…


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