I quit smoking!

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

The recent suprise hike in the petrol price somehow made me think that I should have fix a certain date to stop smoking, I had this in mind for a long time ago but previously I fell that smoking somehow does not confer to much a burden for me but with the recent hike following the increase of price in consumer’s goods and the possible increase in the inflation rate as foreseen by the National, I decided that today I shall finish my final piece of cigarette in my winston 18.

I’m hopeful that the goverment will foresee this as a desperation of the people not just to the smokers but also to other people, one solid evident to tell that yesterday my father went to a burial of one of our relative in Tebong, Melaka, the cost for petrol has now become RM70 instead of RM40 before.

I’m also hopeful that friends will somehow pray for me as quit smoking is not easy.

  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s good to hear that… may Allah SWT bless u always… all da best!

  2. nawa says:

    hopeully u can stop smoking.. nevertheless,its good for the rest of passive smoker..

  3. ♥CruelaBum♥ says:

    all d best Din.. to quit smoking is the best thing ever. and i knw it’s not something easy. but i knw u can.=)

  4. VENDATOR says:


  5. VENDATOR says:

    thx for all the advise – dah rase nak mengalah ni hampir semaruh hari tak pat rokok!

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey don’t give up to quick…
    proof to all da smokers out there that u can do it!

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